10th Q&A With Dr. Richard Bernstein

Are there supplements that help to decrease insulin resistance? Are there supplements that can increase insulin resistance?

Low magnesium, also low vitamin D, can cause insulin resistance, and not surprisingly, most type 2 diabetics are magnesium- and/or  vitamin D-deficient. I check my  new patients’ red blood cell magnesium level, and their vitamin D level.  We try to get their red blood cell magnesium into the normal range, and their vitamin D over 35. Often with low carbohydrate diets, we get rid of their obesity, and their insulin resistance improves.  

Mild type 2 diabetics with serum ferritin levels in the top quarter of normal can actually improve their diabetes, and in some cases, even cure it by bringing the ferritin down to the bottom quarter of normal. We usually don’t go by the serum iron because that level can vary a lot from week to week.  e go by serum ferritin levels, which is a better measure of overall body iron stores. So, iron reduction is important for some people. 

By the way, how do you lower your iron levels? You donate blood once every two months under the supervision of a hematologist. More information on iron is in my book, Diabetes Solution (www.diabetes-book.com).


Richard K. Bernstein, MD is one of the most knowledgeable, committed and successful pioneers in the field of diabetes today.  He invented blood sugar self-monitoring  and basal/bolus insulin dosing, when he was an engineer.

Dr. B is Director Emeritus of the Peripheral vascular Disease Clinic of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His private medical Practice in Mamaroneck N. Y. specializes in treating diabetes and obesity.

He is a physician, research scientist, thriving Type 1 for  67 years, and best-selling author of nine  diabetes books including Diabetes  Solution, The Diabetes Diet and several E-books. This link diabetes-book.com will give you more information about his publications. To  sign up for his free monthly teleseminars, visit askdrbernstein.net.

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