New Legislation Proposed: The Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Control Act


By: Linda von Wartburg

A new bill to address the growing diabetes epidemic has beenintroduced by Senator Hilary Clinton of New York and Senator SusanCollins of Maine, along with Representatives Eliot Engel and VitoFossella of New York.

According to Senator Clinton, "With a payment system that rewardstreatments for complications, but not the low-cost preventioninitiatives that could stop such complications from occurring, ourhealthcare system is ill-equipped to handle the growing prevalenceof diabetes. This legislation is the first step in establishing the important diabetes prevention and disease management initiatives necessary to meet the needs of the more than 60 million people living withdiabetes or who are at risk for developing diabetes."

The bill addresses policies of the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention's Division of Diabetes Translation, which is the divisionthat "translates science into daily practice." According to SenatorCollins, "Diabetes funding at the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention has not been increased in the past four years, while,over the same period, the prevalence of diabetes has increased bynearly thirty percent.

The legislation…provides increased funding for the CDC sothat it can translate medical research into programs and practicesthat can be used in local communities to help people suffering fromdiabetes to manage their disease and to help those at risk fordiabetes to prevent or delay the onset of the disease."

In addition to setting up grants for research on how to applyscientific research about diet and exercise to real-world clinicalpractice, the bill would increase the ability of state and localhealth departments to engage in surveillance and educationactivities. It would also establish projects to determine the bestway to treat diabetes when it occurs in conjunction with otherchronic health problems such as obesity.

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