Accelerating the Pace and Promise of Diabetes Research


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In 2001, researchers led by DeniseFaustman, MD, at MassachusettsGeneral Hospital (MGH) reversed andcured type 1 diabetes in mice. In researchsupported by the Iacocca Foundation,Faustman’s lab identified the immunesystem defects involved in the destructionof insulin-producing cells and developeda therapy to stop the autoimmune systemfrom attacking these cells.

Steps are currently being taken to movethis research into human clinical trials. TheFDA has already approved the first humanclinical trial, which will test one part ofthe brief, nontoxic intervention used toeliminate diabetes in the Faustman lab. Itis expected to start in 2006. David Nathan,MD, a diabetes specialist, will lead the trial.

Nathan, a pioneer in the development ofintensive therapies for diabetes, directsthe General Clinical Research Center andthe Diabetes Center at MassachusettsGeneral Hospital. He is an internationallyrecognized expert on diabetes andits complications, focusing on thedevelopment of innovative therapies totreat type 1 and type 2 diabetes and theprevention of long-term complications.Nathan was one of the leaders ofthe landmark Diabetes Control andComplications Trial (DCCT).

A key to advancing this researchhas been the continuous efforts ofvolunteers involved in Join Lee Now, theIacocca Foundation’s diabetes researchfundraising initiative. Since its launch inAugust 2004, the ongoing Join Lee Nowcampaign has reached commitments ofover $3 million. A total of $11 million willbe needed for the first three years.

Thanks to all for your continuing supportof Join Lee Now. Please look for futureupdates from the Iacocca Foundationabout this campaign and other effortsto accelerate the pace and promise ofdiabetes research.

How Can I Help?

The first three years ofthis program—includingrefinement of theexperimental therapy,technology developmentand the first phase 1clinical trial—will cost anestimated $11 million.

Contribute to Join Lee Nowand support these effortsto cure type 1 diabetes inhumans. Donations may bemade over the Internet orby mail.

To make a donation overthe Internet, please andclick on “Donate Now.”

U.S. Mail
To mail your donation,please make checkspayable to “IacoccaFoundation.” Please write“Join Lee Now” in thesubject line. All donationscan be sent to thefollowing address:

The Iacocca Foundation
17 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116



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