Nutrition Coach’s Corner


By: Anne Blocker

    “Are those new wraps at Subway good for me?” “If I make applesauce with Splenda, can I eat all I want?” “How do I count the carbohydrates in low-carb yogurt?” Do questions like these cross your mind every time you dine out, set foot in the supermarket or flip through a recipe book?

    As the nutrition editor for Diabetes Health, I plan to help you find the answers to your food and nutrition questions.

    My name is Anne K. Blocker, and I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. I have been helping people with diabetes fix dinner and alter recipes for over 18 years. I understand how to translate medical advice into workable, everyday solutions.

    Experienced Dietitian

    In my practice I have worked with children, teens, adults and seniors. I listen to their individual stories and assist them in discovering ways to successfully manage their diabetes.

    I am excited when I see people taking charge of their health decisions—like the woman in my office last week who chose to drink fewer regular sodas after seeing the impact it had on her blood sugar.

    My real-life understanding of diabetes comes from assisting friends and family to manage their disease. This includes:

    • My best friend who discovered she had type 1 diabetes in junior high;
    • A family friend diagnosed at age 5;
    • A sister-in-law with gestational diabetes; and
    • My father-in-law with type 2 diabetes and complications.

    I understand the day-to-day challenges of intensive management outside clinic walls and the importance of preventing complications.

    Commitment to Diabetes Care

    Locally, I spearheaded hospital efforts to develop a state-certified diabetes education program. I also teach diabetes self-management classes and facilitate support groups. As a way of helping clients enjoy desserts, I coauthored the cookbook Desserts for Diabetics.

    I also counsel people with disordered eating issues. I believe our relationship with food is a powerful influence in our lives. I encourage people to see food as friend rather than foe and teach healthful eating using non-diet approaches.

    On a personal note, I am married to a firefighter and am the mother of three children. I know firsthand the challenges we all face getting dinner on the table. We eat our fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but we like our chocolate, too!

    I am here to sift through the bombardment of nutrition messages you receive from the media, as well as the latest research. I will give you practical how-to’s for choosing advice that fits your lifestyle.

    I promise to provide a consistent nutrition voice as trustworthy as your family doctor.

    Eating well with diabetes is much more than counting carbohydrates and managing blood sugar. Food plays a part at social celebrations and times spent with friends and family; food tantalizes the taste buds and satisfies hunger. I am passionate about helping you find the balance between blood sugar control, healthful eating and enjoyment. Think of me as your nutrition coach.



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