Free Foods: Still Cost Money but Not Carbs


By: Beth Beller

Question: What are the “free foods,” foods that have no carbohydrates? From: Anonymous, Montana.

Free foods are foods with no significant amounts of carbohydrates. They include:

  • Drinks
    • bouillion or broth (fat free)
    • seltzer water
    • coffee or tea
    • diet soft drinks and teas
  • Sweet Substitutes
    • sugar-free gum
    • sugar-free pancake syrup (1-2 tablespoons)
    • sugar-free Jello
    • sugar-free jam or jelly (2 tablespoons)
  • Vegetables
    • celery
    • cucumbers
    • peppers (hot, chile)
    • salad greens
    • cilantro
    • onions
    • radishes
    • sugar-free salsa
    • mustard greens
  • Condiments
    • ginger root
    • vinegar (unsweetened)
    • catsup (1 tablespoon)
    • dill pickles (unsweetened)
    • horseradish
    • mustard
    • taco sauce (2 tablespoons)
    • sugar substitutes (calorie free)
    • hot sauce
    • salad dressing (low calorie, 2 tablespoons)

Beth Beller, RD, CDE
Jamaica Estates, New York



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