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Diabetes Health Word Scramble Puzzle

March 28, 2015

Word Scramble Puzzle Solution Posted Next Day By Nadia Al-Samarrie If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly puzzle, please email puzzle@diabeteshealth.com. In the subject area write “add me to your weekly word puzzle list.” If you would like us to create a puzzle for you and our players, send your 8 […]

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Wal-Mart expansion may play role in America’s obesity epidemic

March 27, 2015

By Brenda Neugent Not only can Wal-Mart take some blame for the loss of many locally-owned businesses, the chain’s Supercenters could also be responsible for the nation’s expanding waistlines. According to researchers, the nation’s obesity problem directly corresponds to the rise of Wal-Mart, which has made junk food more accessible to residents than ever before. […]

Posted in: Blog, Brenda Neugent, Diabetes, Diabetes Health, Diabetes Health Magazine, Obese, Obesity, Obesity Epidemic, Walmart

FAQ: What’s In The House’s Proposal To Fix Medicare’s Payments To Doctors

March 26, 2015

It’s make-or-break time for a Medicare “doc fix” replacement. The House is likely to vote this week on a proposal to scrap Medicare’s troubled physician payment formula, just days before a March 31 deadline when doctors who treat Medicare patients will see a 21 percent payment cut. Senate action could come this week as well, […]

Posted in: Medicare Spending

Low protein diet may not maintain muscles for those with type 2

March 25, 2015

By Brenda Neugent A new study suggests that eating enough protein is as important as limiting carbs for those with type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that insulin resistance not only impacts the body’s ability to use blood glucose; it also impacts protein metabolism. Canadian researchers recently found that those with type 2 who eat […]

Posted in: Blog, Brenda Neugent, Diabetes, Diabetes Health, Diabetes Health Magazine, Diet, Protein, Type 2

Wearing Some of the First Insulin Pumps

March 24, 2015

By: BRENDA NEUGENT The progress on the diabetes front, or lack of it, is a source of serious frustration for David Thomas. Especially given the role he played in the design and implementation of new technology. Thomas was diagnosed with viral-onset type 1 diabetes when he was three years old, and by the time he […]

Posted in: Blog, Brenda Neugent, Diabetes, Diabetes Health, Insulin, Insulin Pump, Pump

Ask Nadia – Question About OmniPod

March 23, 2015

Dear MC, I asked the makers of OminPod your questions directly. They have given us a detailed response with action you can take to help influence legislation on approving coverage for their device. Keep us posted on your process. Wishing you the best in your health efforts, Nadia Question-  What type of insulin could be […]

Posted in: Humalog Insulin, Insulin, Insunlin, Medicare patients, Novolog, Omnipod

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